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In the heart of the Pottery Capital (also know as Seagrove, NC), you will find Cagle Road Pottery nestled into the countryside. Gordon and Pat Cagle-Ray built this family-owned business to share the rich heritage of pottery and crystalline with you on Cagle family land passed down for generations since 1791.

We specialize in dinnerware and functional pieces, but also create custom pieces for your delight. By far, our most sought after items are the customized plates we hand paint. Just bring us a photo and we will paint your custom plate. We can also custom create a wedding registry to help you ensure you have all the cookware you need to stock your kitchen.

Check out our Pottery and Seasonal pages for samples of pieces we create. There is something that is sure to appeal to your pottery pleasure.

Can't find what your looking? Would you like a custom piece created for your dining room table or a special occassion? Give us a call or complete our contact request form below.



Potter's Wheel Image

Potter's Wheel Image



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